Friday, April 17, 2015

Auditioning...How is it going? Join Me at Northwest Film Forum for a great class

I hope all is well out there in audition land. I haven't posted in quite a while and thought I would check in. I was surprised to see how many page views there were and new followers have joined this blog! Welcome!

Here in Seattle we are in the middle of season auditions.

Theatre Puget Sound has come and gone.

The 5th Ave is doing auditions about every 4 months but because their season starts in the fall the May generals are a hot commodity.

Arts West just announced their season auditions and Village Theatre generals are just around the corner.

Renton Civic just announced auditions for Sweeney Todd and has an amazing creative team.

I'm spending most of my time in the film world these days. When things slow down a bit I'll do some film world posting! If you are interested in doing film and theatre but have no clue how to get started in film I am teaching a class at:

Northwest Film Forum April 26th and May 3rd - a total of 4 hours of newbie film information over those two days.  You can find the class sign up here

Actors Transitioning from Stage To Film

I'm not talking about leaving the theatre - no no no- but - expand your craft and footprint. Maybe make some money...maybe not. Maybe just have a whole lot of fun.

And -if you are so inclined - leave me a note on how your auditions are going. What are booking? What haven't you booked? How was the audition room? What are you looking forward to doing next?

I look forward to hearing from you! Happy Auditioning!