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When I tell people I’m an actress and that I teach theatre a burning question inevitably finds a place in our conversation: How does one audition?

This blog shares my personal knowledge and experience with the audition process in the Seattle area. Please read my short philosophy before you dive in and start to comment.

Check the Archives. The titles will guide you.

Theatre is subjective. Therefore, everything I say is right- and w wrong - for someone.

However, I have had a lot of experiences with a lot of directors, producers, actors and musicians. Although I will never (never say never) say there is an "industry standard" (see my post on that!) I would say there are some practices and guidlines that 95% of the theatre community follow.There is also vocabulary that most actors and directors are familiar with - even if they don't use it. I will address those practices within each section from Choosing a Monologue to Walking into the Audition Room.

Please refer to the vocabulary section when you don't understand something. If it's not there please shoot me a post and I will try to respond within 24 hours.

Enjoy and may you find success. When you do – I am more than happy to accept my 10%! Serioulsy, I would love to hear how you are doing and what helps the most! Please Post.

Happy Auditioning!

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