Audition Reflection Example

Audition Reflection (example) –

(some of this is fiction – but you get the idea!)

Date and Time: yup - date and time of the Audition.

Where: Name of theatre and location of audition

Show : Title Here

Who – Names of director, music director and anyone in the production team I got to say hi to.

Clothing: Bright blue blouse – long sleeves, circle neckline. Black Sailor pants, cowboy boot – Pants un-tucked

Song – Everyday a Little Death

Mono – Miss Polite

Callback – Yes

7.8 miles round trip

Other Expenses - Copying

Callback - Yes

Clothing – Same pants and shoes – Different blouse – SAME color – Long suede jacket. Didn’t feel comfortable taking it off because I didn’t like the way the blouse fell. Mistake – different blouse next time.

Sung – Main song my character sings , read one scene. I had more reflection here – but personal so..


I wrote about a paragraph here – but again – personal notes, who I reconnected with, contact info etc. Did I pursue objectives? Take time for myself? Etc

Follow up-

Face book message to Director and Phone call to Musical Director (because I knew him). You do not want to harras or stock them. The message to the director was a thank you and if she did business via facebook I would love to connect. If not - Thank you so much it was a wonderful experience auditioning for her.