In No Particular Order - there are a lot here. I'll keep adding. Feel free to post if there is someone you can't believe I missed! If you are overwhelmed -take one or two plays from names that grab you, or one or two playwrights a week. The more prolific - Shakespeare, Neil Simon, etc - take a couple of their's a week with the other's, skim get the idea!
Dennis Schebetta
Elania Hartwell
Brian Willis
Stephen Dietz
Lee Blessing
Wendy Wasterstien
Sarah Ruhl
Theresa Rebeck
Tony Kushner
Terence McNally
Lynn Nottage
Tennessee Williams
Craig Lucas
Jane Chambers
Herb Garner
Robert Patrick
B.D Wong
Phillip Kan Gotanda
Jose Rivera
Susan Lori Parks
John Patrcik Shanley
Ruth Wollf
John Guare

Cheryl L. West
Renaldo Ferradas
Marilyn Felt
Beth Henley
William Masterosimon
Randy Noojin
Lynne Alvarz
Athol Fugard
Micheal Weller
Stephen Metcalf
Landford Wilson
Wakako Yamauchi
Carter W. Lewis
Issac Bedonna
Nadine Graham
Adam Rapp
Kurt Vonnegut
Beth Henley
Ketti Fringe
David Rabe
William Saroyan
Harvey Fierstein
Mark Medoff
Eugene O'Neill
James McClure
Ken Ludwig
Arthur Miller
Howard Corder
Sam Shepard
Mary Gallager
Rebecca Gilman
Martin Sherman
Richard Greenberg
Tina Howe
Lynn Siefert
Horton Foot
Barbara Lebow
Neil Simon
David Lindsey Abaire
Lynne Alvarez

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  1. Here are a few more:

    David Henry Hwang
    Michael Golamco
    Prince Gomolvilas
    Julia Cho
    Chay Yew
    Genny Lim
    Harold Pinter
    Samuel Beckett
    Lillian Hellman
    Elmer Rice
    Vince Delaney
    Neil LaBute
    Oscar Wilde
    Anton Chekhov
    George S. Kaufman & Moss Hart